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11 de jun. de 2022
In Conecte-se com investidores
In the past few years, I have been working on the Internet community. I think I have done a lot and accumulated some experience. Naturally, I "believe a lot of things, don't believe a lot, and think that what is known is whatsapp database everything". These "beliefs" may not be special either, and only make sense because I don't know more. Even so, every now and then there whatsapp database is the urge to record these thoughts. During the recent period of time, various coincidences, I have communicated a lot with friends who are working on Community products and want to work on community products, as well as colleagues who are not sure whether to do community products. Confusion is about the same. After repeating some of the same points again and again, I decided to whatsapp database write this article. This article records my personal thinking and understanding about the Internet community in the past few years. whatsapp database Although the content has been simplified and summarized as much as possible, it is still a little complicated. The themes of the article are similar to "Building an Internet Community from 0 to 1", "X-Long Article: Midfield Thinking of the Internet Community", "Why Most Companies Can't Make an Internet Community", but if one of them is used as whatsapp database the title , I always feel that it is still a little bit meaningless. A few days ago, I used WeChat to read "Yu Jun's Product Methodology", which I read at the beginning of the year. I thought that the whatsapp database framework of this article is similar to it, and the content is subtly nourished by it. In the end, I closed my eyes and decided to use "Product Methodology" as the title. Yu Jun teacher salute.
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