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06 de abr. de 2022
In Conecte-se com investidores
After receiving the dismissal notice from HR, Sun Yue, who pretended to be "Social Niubi" (hereinafter referred to as "Social Niu") during the interview, was dumbfounded. Sun Yue, who just graduated, has interviewed many companies, but has been ignored by the interviewer many times because of too few words and too low presence. Later, Sun Yue deliberately avoided the work that required group face, found a small company, and communicated with the interviewer one-to-many. That night, Sun Yue received the offer. However, after joining the job, in an open social environment, Sun Yue's true character of "social phobia" (hereinafter referred to as "social phobia") was gradually exposed. The leaders were disappointed by eating and going off work alone, talking with colleagues no more than 5 sentences a day, and failing to communicate in time at work. After a five-day trial, Sun Yue was dismissed. Similar to Sun Yue's experience, Zhang Lei is also a "social fear" young man forced to perform "social cow". She talked eloquently during the interview, dizzying the interviewer, and finally got an offer with a job title email list salary increase of 20%. However, young people who perform "Social Bull" generally have a hard time disguising as they interact with colleagues. They are often dismissed after being seen by their bosses, and even if they are not, they are anxious for a long time that they will be persuaded to be dismissed - this is almost the common fate of pretenders. Zhang Lei is no exception. After receiving the offer, her first feeling was not happiness, but worry. The closer to the official entry time, the more anxious Zhang Lei became. "After I joined the company, the boss found out that I didn't perform as well as I did in the interview. What should I do in the end?" Like Sun Yue and Zhang Lei, there are a lot of young people in the workplace who were originally afraid of the society, but in order to succeed in the interview, they pretended to be "social cows". Many of them quickly lost their ability to act and suffered failures in the workplace, and some of them succeeded in disguise and managed to maintain the "social cow" character in the workplace. Wang Jian, who has been struggling in the workplace for many years, is such an old social fear who has always pretended to be a "social cow".