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05 de abr. de 2022
In Conecte-se com investidores
The founder's business genes often determine the vitality of the brand. Who are the founders of new consumer brands? What qualities and abilities do they possess? By researching hundreds of founders of powerful new consumer brands, Weiboyi Fax List found that the "behind the scenes" of these brands have two prominent characteristics of the circle. The first category is the professional system brand school from a professional background, of which the international consumer giant Procter & Gamble accounts for the largest proportion. Since entering China in 1988, P&G has been known for its systematic training management and excellent marketing capabilities, and is known as the "Whampoa Military Academy" in the marketing field; it has cultivated a large number of outstanding Fax List talents for China's consumer goods industry, including Perfect Diary, HFP Founder of new consumer brands such as , Smile, Higuaín, PMPM, Wonder lab, etc. With their keen touch and innate advantages in the FMCG industry, as well as their extraordinary abilities in data analysis, consumer research, and business management. These "ex-P&G people" can quickly capture entrepreneurial opportunities under the new consumption trends, It also makes it easier for them to stand out from the fierce competition in the consumer market. Li Lun, a partner of Panda Capital, believes Fax List that among the new wave of entrepreneurs, elites represented by Procter & Gamble who have received systematic training and have Internet capabilities are the best group of entrepreneurs. Another type of new consumer brand founders are businessmen who are good at traffic channel play. The ability to understand traffic may be an important characteristic of these consumer brand founders.