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31 de mar. de 2022
In No que você está pensando?
64% of Spaniards opt for marketplaces Consumer Email List such as Amazon, eBay or AliExpress as their preferred option to buy online. Other Consumer Email List more recent options such as supermarkets or small independent Consumer Email List businesses, which have begun their migration to the digital world in recent years, are still only the preferred option for 1.3% and 3% of Spaniards, respectively. Although they are slowly beginning to Consumer Email List grow and these small local businesses are already the preferred option for 5% of Castilian-Leonese and 4% of Andalusians. packlink “Electronic commerce has experienced Consumer Email List exponential growth in recent years and has managed to establish itself as Consumer Email List one of the preferred options for Spanish consumers. Its main virtue, the complementarity with traditional commerce and the many facilities it offers. For this reason, the next challenge for the Consumer Email List sector is to accompany small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in their digital transformation work”, concludes Noelia Lázaro.The British cosmetics firm Lush has taken a step Consumer Email List forward and has decided to cut ties with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok Consumer Email List until these social networks make an amendment and commit to better protecting their users from potentially harmful content.