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11 de jun. de 2022
In Conecte-se com investidores
Editor's introduction: As the world's largest travel category email list service company and the originator of taxi software, how did Uber soar from a small and micro company to a unicorn with a market value of over 10 billion US dollars in a short period of time? ? The author of this article analyzes and summarizes this, and shares it with you. In the era of no Uber/DiDi. Traffic in the city has always been a troublesome problem. No one wants to category email list fix it either. If you want to go somewhere. You'll be standing by the side of the category email list road, in a storm, in heavy snow, or in the big sun. I kept waving on the street, looking at the full-loaded taxis, and my heart was full of despair. After finally finding an empty car, a burly man suddenly appeared and took it away. Or the driver you encountered complained: the journey is too long, thank you for category email list not sending it. When you finally get in the car, the driver still doesn't know the way. Finally arrived at the destination, and category email list suffering from the lack of change, I quarreled with the driver for a long time before settling the price... The traditional taxi industry does not have much incentive to improve user experience and improve efficiency, because no one is taking its job. For a one-time business like a taxi, who would go category email list out of their way to give you a good look.
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