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11 de abr. de 2022
In Conecte-se com investidores
When traffic is increasingly considered to be a scarce resource, building high walls to prevent the overflow of traffic has become an option that every player who already has a huge amount of traffic will inevitably choose. There was a 3Q battle before, and a head-to-head duel later. Almost every battle between giants revolves around the removal and retention of traffic. It is the traffic itself that really makes the Internet giants put their faces down and fight closely. When the market structure of the Internet industry has not yet been determined, especially when such a competition is beneficial to users, it is beneficial for the giants to build their own moats to acquire and retain traffic. Once the market structure is determined, traffic-based competition is no longer beneficial to users, and the practice of treating users as fish on the chopping block will lead to more and more doubts. After experiencing the development of the PC era, especially the mobile Internet era, the development of the Internet industry has entered a new stage of development where the pattern is determined and the barriers are numerous. At this stage, the vitality of competition is obviously not as strong as before, and Internet players who have survived multiple rounds job title email list of competition begin to take advantage of the scale advantages they have built to enjoy the dividends they harvest. When new players enter, especially when it affects their market position, and even starts to divide their traffic, they will choose to respond in a closed way. Under such circumstances, the Internet industry that has long upheld the spirit of sharing and openness has long ceased to be the Internet we think it is. What is certain is that the development based on their respective spheres of influence and treating users and traffic as "fish and meat" cannot promote the development of the Internet industry. If you want to restart the development vitality of the Internet industry and let the competition truly enter a healthy and healthy development scale, it is necessary to break the barriers that have been formed and let the traffic flow freely, so that the development of the Internet industry can enter a new stage of development. It is against such a background that the open external chain was proposed. 01 On September 9, a conference led by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was held with the participation of Alibaba, Tencent, ByteDance, Baidu, Huawei, Xiaomi, Momo, 360, NetEase and other Internet companies. The theme of the conference is to ask major Internet platforms to promote different types of issues such as instant messaging blocking URL links. To put it bluntly, it is to require Internet companies to open up external chains and realize the free flow of traffic between different platforms.